In a nutshell

ADPA Members are worldwide pioneers and leaders for the repairability of increasingly complex goods providing aggregated, harmonised, intelligible and ready-to-use technical information for the reparation, maintenance and servicing of over 280 million vehicles from more than 40 different manufacturers on European roads ensuring their roadworthiness, safety and environmental performance over their lifetime in a reliable, timely and affordable way.

In details

Publishers of automotive technical information provide several valuable services to various stakeholders within the automotive industry:

Easy & affordable: the one-stop-shop for technical information

Independent data publishers play a critical role in the aftermarket value chain, through ensuring the provision of standardised databases (in an increasing volume and complexity) to multi-brand repairers. The standardisation of technical information ensures that the disparate procedural and component terminology used by several dozens of vehicle manufacturers is presented to multi-brand repairers in a uniform manner. In the absence of this, repairers would face the time-consuming challenge of interpreting the different terms, visuals and search functions used by vehicle manufacturers. It also enables repairers to manage only one affordable subscription, instead of several costly ones to access the vehicle manufacturers’ portals.

Accurate & detailed: all information needed for the care of vehicles

They offer detailed technical specifications, diagrams, schematics, and repair procedures for vehicles. This information is crucial for mechanics, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts to accurately diagnose and repair vehicles.

Reliable & up-to-date: the ambition to use only the best information

ADPA Members are committed to collaborate with vehicle manufacturers to provide access to reliable, up-to-date repair manuals and technical data. This enables repair shops to access manufacturer-specific information necessary for servicing vehicles. This is the entire purpose of the ADPA Label.

Technical support

Publishers often offer technical support services, assisting mechanics and technicians with troubleshooting and resolving complex issues encountered during vehicle repairs.

Training & education

Publishers often develop training materials and educational resources for automotive professionals. This helps mechanics and technicians stay updated with the latest technologies and repair techniques, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Standardisation & compliance

They ensure that technical information complies with industry standards and regulations. This is particularly important for ensuring vehicle safety and regulatory compliance.

Innovation & research

Publishers invest in research and development to stay ahead of technological advancements in the automotive industry. They provide insights into emerging technologies, trends, and best practices.

Support for aftermarket parts & accessories

Publishers may offer guidance on the compatibility of aftermarket parts and accessories with different vehicle models. This helps consumers and repair shops make informed decisions when selecting replacement parts.

Documentation & record-keeping

Publishers help maintain comprehensive documentation of vehicle repair history and maintenance records. This is essential for tracking the service history of vehicles and ensuring proper maintenance schedules are followed.

Overall, publishers of automotive technical information play a vital role in supporting the automotive ecosystem by providing accurate, reliable, and accessible information to various stakeholders, ultimately contributing to improved vehicle reliability, safety, sustainability, performance and affordability.